Monday, May 7, 2007

Oh Preponderant Ones

I see everywhere I go preponderant people.
There seems to be more than I remember.
I look at pictures of old and don't see as many preponderant people.
Where did they all come from?
Why, I ask myself, Why?
Who is the cause of all this preponderance?
Can anything be done to stop this trend?
Will anyone listen?

I am making the Clarion Call.
Listen to me before it's too late.
I was like you, and then I changed.
You can be like me.

Oh preponderant people why won't you change your ways?
Don't you know your doom is coming?
Don't you even care?

I am making the Clarion Call.
I billow out the same.
I was like you, and then I changed.
I was preponderant too.

Now don't you know that your health will suffer?
Don't you know that you will feel better?
You will jump and hop like a gazelle if you will heed my call.

Oh you preponderant people.
You tip the scale to far.
Your clothes no longer fit you.
You huff and puff when you move.
You can't get up from your chair.
You can't even climb the stair.
But, you won't do what I told you.
Oh you preponderant people.

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