Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Tap Of My Magical Fat Wand, Voila, Four Pounds More

Yesterday I missed Blogging because I was up at five-in-the-morning and at work by seven. I was away from home until two this morning. Ugh!

Yesterday I stepped on the scale at 207 pounds. This morning I stepped on the scale at 206-pounds. What happened David? Did you give up the fight?

Nope, I haven't given up. All this extra poundage is food from the day before and yesterday.

I told you that I have hit that elusive 10 pound barrier. I am experiencing what I went through when I hit all the other ten pound points. My body is fighting to keep on the pounds.

In three days of exceeding my 1,500 calories, I have succeeded in adding almost four more pounds. Is it fat? It may be.

Remember when I told you that I had a giant hamburer? That puppy must have glued itself to me.

Yesterday wasn't much better calorie counting. I had a Chicken Pot Pie for breakfast (380 calories) By the time lunch came around I was unbelievably hungry. I had a very large slice of thin crust sausage pizza (estimate of 600 calories).

For dinner I blew the calorie bank:
  • 7-8 ounce steak
  • medium baked potato
  • butter on the potato
  • salad with dressing, cheese, and bacon bits

As I was sitting there eating I was listening to these woman talking about their diets. One woman was way too thin for my liking. Another was way to fat for my liking. The skinny one ate like a tweety bird. The fat one ate everything that she set before herself. Then she went on about her diet. They were talking with a young gentleman about the Atkin's diet. He was saying how the Atkin's diet is almost history.

This is because doctor Atkin's died. Since he was the founder, now there really isn't anyone to press the Atkin's diet forward.

I still like the Atkin's diet. I lost 60 pounds before doing the Atkin's diet. I would modify some things though. I wouldn't tell anyone to eat all the meat, and fat he / she could.

Yesterday I watched this young kid stuff himself with a gigantic steak. Maybe with his young metabolism he can handle that. With me that much food would be way too much. As I wrote above, I ate a seven ounce steak. I could have ordered a much bigger steak.

Too much of anything in the gut backs up for too long. I even think that much steak I ate was more than I should have. I like anyone else am human. I like to eat too.

Portion size is important.

This morning I ate a Country Fried Steak Breakfast at Denny's restaraunt (464 calories)

Bye for now....

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