Wednesday, May 16, 2007

That Set Point Is Breaking, Will I Break Through 200 Pounds?

Hey, today I woke up and weighed in at 201-pounds.
After I took my bath I stepped on the scale at 200.4-pounds.
Gee, was it just dirt?

I am now hovering just over 200-pounds. Will I Break Through the 200-pound-barrier? It seems that my set point is beginning to break here. Even after having gone back up as high as 206-pounds. It may just have been a back up in my intestines. Who knows?

I have made a fundamental change in my diet, thanks to my aunts unwitting suggestion. I am now eating fish, instead of red meat, and chicken. Could this be the change that I was looking for?

Today I stir fried some more vegetables, and tossed in another can of tuna. This time I tossed in 40 grams of raisins>1/4 cup (130 calories). The whole meal this morning was 420 calories. I had a glass of whole milk this added 150 calories. My total intake this morning was 600 calories.

Am I killing myself here? NO, I had over a pound of food this morning. I better not be.

I also took my vitamins, calcium, vegetable drink, and ester C today. So, I am supplementing.

Some Woman's Recipe For Death
Yesterday I heard a woman talking about how she lost 16-pounds over the year. She thinks that God has done it for her. NO, he didn't. Here is why. She's not eating. She claims that she has lost her appetite.

If someone lost their appetite either he / she is on drugs, or they are sick. That's it. (My ex-girl friend was a cocaine user, I have first hand experience here.)

I asked this woman what she has done to lose 16-pounds. She said that she has been eating maybe one meal a day. She said when she gets hungry she'll eat a Twinkie, or a cup cake and then she feels full. ...........What?...... She eats a Twinkie, and then feels full?

Hey that isn't normal. This woman is so screwed up about what she thinks God does for people. This isn't normal. She isn't eating right here.

I saw her come to a friends house when I was there. She had on a mini-skirt. The hem line was four inches below her private area. She obviously lost weight, but her legs weren't smooth. Her legs had ripples of wrinkled skin. She didn't have the tone of healthy fit legs. She looked like a hag in a mini-skirt.

She thinks God did this? NO, she is delusional or sick. She's fasting to lose weight and lying about it. She thinks no one with brains can tell the difference. And any old woman that puts on a mini-skirt and says well, "God is doing something for me" is nuts.

Here is the sad thing. If she keeps going with this course of starvation she will eventually die from malnutrition. That's right. We are supposed to eat food. We are designed to have food for energy. It's what we eat and how much food we eat that gets us into trouble.

This woman is setting herself up for a big physical let down in the future. She is weakening her heart. She is weakening her brain. Remember Karen Carpenter? She did this fasting thing. Then her heart quit.

This woman is so lonely that she is pushing herself to the brink of death with her foolishness. Yes I dare to judge the situation.

When I talk about losing weight I tell people reduce the portions. I don't say starve yourself. That's dumb.

Change the food that you eat. Eat more vegetables. Eat fruits. Eat all kinds of fruits. Eat some little pieces of corn bread, and bread, and pasta. Just don't eat way to much. That's all.

I have to go.

Bye for now...

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