Monday, May 7, 2007

Learning To Ask Self Diagnosing Questions

Don't you think it's time to ask yourself some questions?
If you have questions, then you will need to find the answers too.

Ask yourself, "Am I overweight?"
"Do I exceed the weight which is considered normal for my height?"
"Do I eat to much of the wrong foods?"
"What would be the better choices of food for me?"
"If I am over weight, what will be the long term consequences?"
"How can I lose this weight, and do it it healthfully?"
"Do I like the way my clothes fit?"
"Will I feel better if I lose weight?"
"Will I have a better self image if I lose weight?"
"Do I keep a written record of my weight?"
"Do I keep a written record of my food consumption?"
"Are there any other excesses in my life that contribute to my food consumption?"
"Do I eat to much sugar?"
"How would I feel if I ate less sugar?"

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself to help to stimulate your imagination.

Bye for now....

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